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This website is strictly based on the opinions of the author. The author’s work and all it entails does not form part of the practice of any professional or general advice. All forms of opinions, references, weblinks, and information, including the entire content of this website, have been written, cited, or included not with the intention of hurting anyone’s feelings or sentiments.


No warranties have been made as regards the content of this website or the website itself. The author has carefully added content to this website as it is, and in case the reader suspects something is incorrectly mentioned on this site, the author advises that professional support is sought from other legit sources. For your personal doubts, as well as specific information about your syllabus, it is always best to consult your teacher.

No information, statement, opinions, or any form of the content included in this website should be substituted for professional advice. This website and its content have not been written with the aim of establishing any form of a professional-client relationship between the author and the reader. Simply put, this website is not intended to replace actionable professional advice. The author wish to disclaim any such warranties, especially those pertaining to specific merchantability. In addition to the above, the author do not in any way claim that the opinions, information including the entire content contained in this website are current, empirical, reliable, valid, scientific, or accurate.

The author and other contributors of this website will not be liable for damages as regards the usage of contents of this website, except otherwise stated. This constitutes a comprehensive limitation of liability with application to damages of any nature such as loss of property, damage of property, compensatory damages, loss of data, health-related damages, direct, indirect, or consequential damages, income, and third-party claims. The author or other contributors shall not be liable for any emotional, psychological, financial, physical, or commercial damages. Such damages include (but are not limited to) consequential, incidental, and special damages. In addition to the above, the author and other contributors will not be held accountable for any specific needs, whether subject related or content related of this website. In the event that you choose to apply the ideas or opinions or content that have been put forward on this website, you do so on your own accord and must accept full responsibility for your actions and choices.

The references and sources and resources in this website have been provided solely for information. It is also important for readers to note that all websites, weblinks, and hyperlinks mentioned on this website are subject to change. More so, the references and third-party sources and resources provided in this website are not for endorsement purposes. The author does not intend to endorse any third-party resources or organization in particular. Before using any of the content, opinions, information, or third-party sources and resources included in this website, the readers must ensure the authenticity, rationality, feasibility as well as the scientific basis of these content, opinions, information or third-party sources and resources by themselves. The author shall not be responsible for any consequences arising due to using this website’s content, opinions, information, or third-party sources and resources at any level.

The images in this website are for illustrative purposes only and designed to be a representation of the general orientation of the proposed projects or structures and are not in any way designed to represent or guarantee aspects of the projects or views from any particular unit or location.

Names, events, places, characters, and incidents provided in this website are either purely fictional or are based on the imagination of the author. Should there be a resemblance to real-life events or persons, whether dead or living, the reader should be aware that it is purely coincidental. By continuing to use this website, you agree and accept that you have carefully read this disclaimer and are in total acceptance of this disclaimer.

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